Model Railway Signals

San Mateo Line in Mildura makes authentic high-quality signals for model trains. We specialise in VR (Victorian Railways) , SAR (South Australian Railways) carefully crafted designs based on the original prototypes. Queensland and New South Wales signals are available.

Each design is made from brass etchings to faithfully reproduce every detail of the original signalling equipment. Searchlight signals come with tricolour LEDs for realistic signal operation. Semaphore Signals have operating signal arms and LED’s fitted for the signal lamp. Signal arms can be operated by Servos, slow motion point motor, or manual leavers.

Contact Us

For any questions contact San Mateo Line in Mildura on: 
0428 236 055

Standard Model Railway Scales. Most signals are in HO scale (1/87). We also have some kits for N Scale (1/160).

Kit Form Or Finished Model? Many train enthusiasts love to build their own trains, landscapes, and designs. We therefore offer a choice of kit form models or finished models, according to your preferences.